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About Hafsa

Decades of caring support for Muslim women and youth

If you think that she will not understand the pressures of living in the west, she accepted Islam at the age of 17. She knows first-hand the struggle of young Muslims. 


If you think that she will not have any advice about da'wah, she has given dawah on the street, in her community and at many institutes for decades.


If you think that she will not understand how to deal Islamically with your situation, she holds a BA with Honors in Shariah and one of the leading knowledgeable female speakers in North America.


If you think that her many years as a practicing Muslimah will prevent her from understanding your addiction, she is an experienced Certified and Youth Counselor, helping women and youth across the continent.


She will meet with you, and listen. When she speaks, she will advise with care and understanding. By the will of Allah, she can help.


Her hope in establishing Afiyah Dawah and Support Center is that she will have a professional home base from which to offer in-house as well as online counselling, bringing the light of healing and recovery to Muslims everywhere.

Dr. Bilal Philips

"Sr Hafsa has behind her many years of both training and experience. From the many roles that she has played in different Islamic and governmental institutions, she has been blessed with great insight into the common and not so common life, study and work situations people face. So, without any hesitation, I highly recommend both her counseling services and public coaching skills."

Zohra Sarwari

“Hafsa Dean Thompson is very professional and knows her topics well masha’Allaah Tabbarak Allaah.  Whether you want to hire her as a speaker or get some counselling she will amaze you in’sha’Allaah.  She’s constantly learning herself so that she can give more to her clients and family.  May Allaah protect her and her family from all evil.  Ameen”

Sakina bint Erik, client

"You can tell that Hafsa has had years of practice listening carefully.  While her counselling experience brings her clinical wisdom, her Islamic knowledge background allows her to shed light on the truth of your situation, and how to rectify it.  She helped me see what I needed to do to become a healthy, successful servant of Allah."

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