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Caught up...forgetting the little ones.

April 3, 2019

It is amazing how we can get so caught up in this life, stressed, saddened we sometimes forget about those little people in our lives who are still young and innocent. They are here, to be children, to laugh, to be loved and to be respected.

Reminder to myself and all of my dear brethren.

Ya’la Ibn Mura says: “I went out with the Prophet SallAllahu alayhe wa sallam for a food invitation. Al-Hussain son Ali was playing in the street, whereupon the Prophet hurried in front of the people towards him to catch him while Al-Hussain running right and left to escape. Moreover, he used to take Osama Ibn Zaid and Al-Hassan Ibn Ali and place them on his thighs then he would tightly hug them and say: “O Allah have mercy on the as I have mercy on them.” Al-Bukhari

Abu Qatadah said: “The Prophet SallAllaahu alayhe wa sallam, came in and Umamah Bint Aby Al-‘Aas is on his shoulders, whenever he bows he puts her down and whenever he rises he picks her up.” Al-Bukhari

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